Welcome to the International Mind, Brain and Education Society (IMBES) website.

Our mission is to facilitate cross-cultural collaboration in biology, education and the cognitive and developmental sciences. As an organization, our objectives are to:

  • Improve the state of knowledge in and dialogue between education, biology, and the developmental and cognitive sciences;
  • Create and develop resources for scientists, practitioners, public policy makers, and the public; and
  • Create and identify useful information, research directions, and promising educational practices.

2016 Conference

It's never too early to start planning to attend our next conference in 2016 in the city of Toronto, Canada.

Keynote Speakers

We have already confirmed the following keynote speakers for IMBES 2016:

 Clancy Blair

New York University



Tania Lombrozo

University of California



Marla Sokolowski

University of Toronto


Janet Werker

University of

British Columbia


Pasi Sahlberg

Harvard Graduate

School of Education


Our pre-conference workshop, hosted by the Wellcome Trust, UK will take place September 15, 2016. Registration will be coming soon, but plan now to attend. 


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