Board of Directors

IMBES has a committed, professional board of directors that are dedicated to the mandate of IMBES. Our current board of directors is profiled below. To view more information on a director, click on their name and you will see their biographical information.


Dr. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang- President

Dr. Daniel Ansari Past President

Dr. Silvia Bunge -  Secretary

Dr. Bert De Smedt-  Vice President

Dr. Nora Newcombe- President Elect

Dr. Brad AllisonTreasurer

Board Members

Dr. Joanna Christodoulou

Dr. Bruce McCandliss

Dr. Mariano Sigman

Dr. Michael Thomas

Dr. James Booth

Dr. Gavin Price

Dr. Gaia Scerif

Dr. Lia Commissar

Bea Goffin- Executive Assistant to the Board

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